Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Contour Still Life - Stained Glass

Using contour lines only, students were instructed to draw a still life image. Then, using sharpie, they cut up their drawing into geometric pieces and then color each piece one block of color as in stained glass work.  They could make their still life as "hidden" as they wanted.  Lastly, they were instructed to keep in mind where the light was coming from so they could represent that in their drawings.


Negative Space Paintings

Students were instructed on negative space drawings with a variety of different objects.  Then, they were tasked to draw a negative space drawing of an object and replicate the object several times to create an interesting and abstract composition.  Last, they were to use complimentary colors to paint their creations.  They came out so beautifully!

 G. Glaeser

B. Barton

Perspective Tape Drawings!

Studio 1 had a fantastic time planning out and developing their perspective tape drawings.  The winner of the contest received a box of Doughnuts and a whole lot of pride!

 B. Gothier, J. Chappel, S. Goldstein

G. Glaeser, T. McGuffin, J. Milton, A. Haynes

 M. Kantz, G. Easton, T. Burrell

 J. Adams, S. Weinick, T. Thomas

 M. Lopez, A. Townsend, B. Barton, J. Williams

Friday, May 24, 2013

Watercolor Landscapes

J. Merrill

 J. Greenberg

 A. Brennan

 B. Starkey

 B. Dashiell

 A. Franks

 J. Gilbert

J. Lange

 Schazz L.

W. Parriott

Monday, January 14, 2013

J. Sparaco


 A. Brennan
after "Mary Magdalen and the Smoking Flame"

 C. Chell
after "St. Serapion"

B. Starkey
after "Adam and Eve"

OIl Pastel Landscape

 D. Maggio

 D. Kowalewski

 J. Merrill

 D. Modell

 S. Bowen

 J. Greenberg

S. Stanwick

 J. Brooks

 E. Dohler

H. Moreland

J. Ward